Hillary’s maternity shoot-part 2

Hillary and her hubby Matt are two of our best friends. I’m honored to even have them on my blog, Hillary is a photographer extraordinaire! We headed out to a random field and with the aid of some awesome light, we got some pictures I’m absolutely smitten with. At 31 weeks along, this lady looks amazing!

A couple gems that crack me up from both shoots:

I’ve learned so much from Hillary in the past 6 months she’s been here. I love these people and am already lamenting their relocation for work. I’ll miss them dearly and am lucky to know them!


Photo adventure

Here are some things I’ve learned about myself as a photographer lately:

1. Getting out with your camera, a peppermint hot cocoa, and a good friend is a great way to fall back in love with photography. Do often.

2. I absolutely love the look of film.

The second one is a work in progress. The matte, pastelly, fresh look of film is absolutely breathtaking and I realize with all of the photographers that I follow that this is the look that attracts my attention the most. Here’s to experimenting with a new look!







With every photo adventure comes a story. Wanna know ours? We took a walk at this park by the bay on a frigid November day and found a stray cat. The stray cat took a liking to us and followed us back to the car. I felt terrible and it took all that I had to not take the little critter home!