winds of change

Atop a hill, overlooking the mountains, I met this family to capture their story of what life looks like right now, one year after the birth of their first child. Since Teethkiss, I’ve made it a goal to experiment in between shots at every session. To continue to take risks, to grow, to follow my passion and to curate new, interesting art that makes me (and hopefully others) feel something. Some of these photos are nontraditional for that reason. I’m loving the winds of change I’m seeing.


The Hecht family

This family has such a sweet spirit about them. The whole photoshoot was so much fun, even the boys said so when we were done! (AND thanked me for taking photos for them. Without being told to!) The combination of a beautiful family + couple goals (hello!) + sweet boys + a beautiful backdrop, it was SO HARD to choose just a few photos to post because these are some of my favorite ever. Enjoy!


Daniel senior photos

It’s once every blue moon I book a senior amid all my family and newborn shoots. But when I do, I get completely blown away by them! This young man is so talented and kind (and he has a sense of humor, too!). It was a pleasure squeezing in a senior photo session for him!