The Sechler family

Can we discuss this adorable family for one sec? Mmkay. They’re funny. They’re beautiful. They chose to have photos in what is probably my favorite location ever. Their kids are brunette, blonde, and red haired…one of each! They made my … Continue reading

Baby E + family fresh 48

This family started out primarily as clients and turned into friends. Watching their kind hearts in action as parents, watching parenthood come to both of them so naturally from the first 48 hours of both of their children’s lives has been … Continue reading

The Eastbourn family

This is one of my favorite ever families, especially in front of the camera! Mix this kind, beautiful family (with a little one on the way!), some gorgeous greenery in the mountains, and the result is magic. I am so grateful for these return clients, and can’t wait to photograph them and their newest addition again soon!


The Kabel family

This family is one of my absolute favorites to photograph. Can you blame me? They’re beautiful, fun-loving, kind, and laid back. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a return customer is one of the highest compliments someone can pay me as a photographer, and I am so grateful for my VIP clients!


Baby E

I always feel so honored when a family with a newborn has me take photographs for them. This is such a precious time, and these photos immortalize a tiny newborn that will grow too fast. You can see so much from peeking into the lives of a family with a newborn. Sleeplessness, joy, and hearts about to burst, especially seeing their oldest child become a big brother.


The Betker family

There is something so special about being around a brand new family of three. This is one of the haziest, most wonderful times of parenthood. There’s sleep deprivation, sure, but there’s also this fresh little person that now belongs to your family that you get to know and love! I loved being able to capture some of those moments for the Betker family in their home.


Baby O In Home

This sweet little girl. Sigh. There’s just something about babies that is unmatched! Pair that with her fun family, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Here’s an honest glimpse into the life of a family of five, including a … Continue reading