the magic of childhood

I’ve been participating in a workshop by photography virtuoso Yan Palmer called Teethkiss that has sort of changed my life…and along with it, my art. This was my first session since delving into it, and I feel like my work is taking on a different meaning. I’m seeing things more intentionally. Of course, there are still your more traditional family photos included in the gallery but this session focused around a little girl, whose parents adore her and who has the wildest, most beautiful hair. It is a depiction of childhood. The balance of being safely encircled in loving arms, and the freedom of roaming in an open field, throwing grass in the air and letting it fill you with the purest joy.



Clover + park play + the Vogels

I love when a photoshoot has something inanimate as a major theme, unplanned. This session it was clover flowers. We had a laid back evening at a park, picking clover, watching the kids play as a family. I wish more … Continue reading